April 06, 2009

Somebody is watching you

If you notice your ISP bill joining the long list of things with higher prices then there is a simple reason why. All of your data is now being stored by the ISP so that any busy-body quangocrat can browse through it in order to get some tips for new porn movies to put on their expenses.

As you would expect this legislation comes from Brussels, but it is not soley the creation of the EU. It is the EU is being used as a democracy by-pass mechanism by Labour, again, so that they can create authoritarian legislation, again, which will penalise the law abiding while doing nothing at all to hinder the microscopic fraction of the population that do serious crime, again.

Were the EU in itself more democratic then perhaps just maybe this legislation might just possibly have been stopped by protests to our representatives there (ha ha), but it isn't. Were Labour not the most authoritarian government that this country has ever had maybet they would not have proposed it, but they are, and if they held the veiws of the population in anything but contempt then maybe they would have sent it through Westminster rather than Brussels, but they do.

Is there anything that can be done? No, there isn't. What about getting rid of Labour post-haste and having some other party repeal this legislation? No, they cannot since having been sent through the EU it is now impervious to the wishes of the British government. There is no way that this legislation can be reversed by Westminster and it is now lost in the quagmire of supra-national politics. Short of leaving the EU, though a good thing in itself, we are stuck with it. That is not to say that people shouldn't vote for almost anybody that stands a chance of getting Labour out. Other than ID cards, which Labour also tried to encase in EU armour, I don't expect them to do much about any of the piles of authoritarian crap that Labour have dumped onto the country for the last decade, but at least they might not add to it as quickly as another Labour administration would. It might not be great but given the electoral system it is the only option available.

Labour with its obsession with databases does not seem to understand the concept of the signal to noise ratio. They think that more data is always better, not understanding that more data could well make finding the data that they are interested in harder to find because you have to wade through more meaningless non-sense to get to it. Rather like attempting to read any of their legislation. For anybody that wants to increase their personal noise levels here is a basic bit of Python 3.0 code which will open random HTTP connections and then shut them again. It will only try once every 10 seconds so shouldn't hog your bandwidth, but it should help fill their logs with noise.

import time
from random import randint
from urllib import request

while True:
        f = request.urlopen("http://" + ".".join(map(str, [randint(0,255) for x in range(4)])))


Anonymous Lord T said...

I like the idea although I do have issues with random addresses. They are either easily recognisable as gibberish (like the spam I get now) or what if the actually link to something bad. It'll take some explaining, if you get the chance.

I've linked to this article to share the code.

8:19 pm  
Blogger Francis Turner said...

This is an excellent idea. But, as I note at my blog today, not everyone has python. So, if you follow the link, you find a javascript/webpage implementation of this idea.

Share & Enjoy

7:42 pm  
Blogger chris said...

@Lord T

Yes, using random IP addresses could get blocked as spam when it comes to looking through the log files, but that is not the point. The point is to make the logs as big as possible so that doing the storage and filtering is as painful as possible. I knocked this up very quickly. I may create a second version that uses an NSLookup to translate the random IP address into a real domain name. This would make them harder to filter out and mean that you could filter out addresses that the police might find interesting www.conservatives.com for example.

I used python because I had it, and it is a good language for knocking things up quickly. Not everybody has a Python interpreter but you can download one for most platforms. A Javascript/webpage would not be as easy to do because of the limitations built into JavaScript in order to try and make it more secure. I may have a go later though.

3:05 pm  

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